Yunus Social Business has operated in Haiti since 2010. YSB Haiti leverages the innovative “incubate and finance” model to empower local social businesses to serve to needs of the most vulnerable and under-served communities in Haiti. YSB Haiti seeks to support social business in Haiti by empowering local entrepreneurs, providing business development and increased access to capital, and ultimately creating jobs in key targeted sectors. YSB Haiti specifically aims to strengthen critical agricultural value chains, promote reforestation and environmental protection and increase Haiti’s economic self-reliance.

YSB Haiti has a portfolio of 12 social businesses in Haiti, which have received almost USD 2.5 million in financing from YSB. You can read more about the current YSB Haiti Portfolio here. To date, 10,000+ customers are impacted in Haiti on a monthly basis and 250+ jobs have been created and sustained.

YSB Haiti operates as a subsidiary of the Yunus Social Business Global Initiatives. YSB Global has offices in 7 countries including Haiti and is a leader in creating and replicating game-changing social businesses around the world. YSB was co-founded by Nobel Prize-winning laureate Muhammad Yunus and is headquartered in Germany.